Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Tuition Costs

 Tuition and Fees for 2019-2020

Tuition $555 per credit
Audit Fee $80 per credit
TIU online $395 per hour
Online Course Fee $185 per course
Prior Learning Assessment Fee $235 (1-4 credit hours)
$390 (5-9 credit hours)
$575 (10+ credit hours)

Please keep in mind that there are other estimated expenses in addition to the cost of tuition, such as books, supplies, and other materials. In addition, each student is responsible to pay a $40 technology fee per semester.

All rates are effective beginning Summer 2019.

Indirect Costs (Per Semester)

For us to determine your financial need, we are allowed to include the following expenses in your cost of attendance. These expenses are not charged to your Trinity student account; however, they are expenses you should consider.

Living Expenses $5,400
Books and Supplies $600
Transportation $770
Personal Expenses $800

While the indirect costs above are those we are allowed to use for determining financial need, the estimated expenses for any individual student will vary based on a number of factors.