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Where can this degree take me?

The Psychology major is designed for students who desire a career in helping people. We offer emphases in Counseling and Nonprofit Administration so that you can specialize in a related area of interest.

  • Qualify for a variety of positions, such as a caseworker, residential manager, crisis counselor, probation officer, residential counselor, or program manager.
  • Learn a variety of strategies for challenging and supporting others — both individually and in groups.
  • Gain an understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others by studying the development of the human mind and patterns of behavior.
  • Learn to integrate your faith with the theories and methods of psychology.
  • Upon completion, pursue a master’s degree in a variety of areas, such as a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling or a Master of Arts in Teaching.

What will I study?

Students pursuing a degree in Psychology need to complete core credits, as well as courses in one of two chosen emphases:

  • Psychology Core - 38 hours

    PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology* 3 hours
    PSY 220 Interpersonal Skills Training 3 hours
    PSY 255 Psychology of Addiction 3 hours
    PSY 285 Statistics 4 hours
    PSY 300 Personality Theories 3 hours
    PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology 3 hours
    PSY 321 Psychology of Learning 3 hours
    PSY 330 Developmental Psychology 3 hours
    PSY 340 Experimental Psychology 3 hours
    PSY 356 Conflict Management 3 hours
    PSY 371 Dynamics of Group Behavior 4 hours
    PSY 440 Integration of Psychology and the Christian Faith 3 hours

    An additional 12 hours in this area come from your chosen concentration from among those listed below.


  • General Education - 33 hours

    (Varies) Biblical Studies / Theology / Lifelong Learning 9 hours
    (Varies) College Writing 6 hours
    (Varies) Humanities 6 hours
    (Varies) Math or Computer Science 3 hours
    (Varies) Science 3 hours
    (Varies) Social Science 6 hours

    These requirements may be met by taking TIU courses (traditional face-to-face, accelerated face-to-face, modular, hybrid, and/or online), though transfer credit, credit for prior college-level learning, or credit by examination. No one course can satisfy two General Education requirements. No more than 9 credits can simultaneously count for both General Education and any major.



Students will choose one of the two emphases below in which to take courses that will supplement the core courses that are part of their degree.

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Trinity faculty bring passion, knowledge, and real-world experience to life in the classroom. Below are just some of the faculty you may study with during your time as a Psychology student at Trinity.

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