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BA in Lib Arts

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Where can this degree take me?

Receive the education you have always wanted. Taking broad-based liberal arts courses will enrich your life both personally and professionally!

  • Shape your degree program to match your interests — whether in history, English, philosophy, psychology, or the natural sciences.
  • Receive a holistic, liberal arts education, all within the context of a Christian worldview and a Christian community.
  • Upon completion, pursue a master’s degree in a number of areas. For example, students who complete this degree may earn their teaching license through Trinity’s Master of Arts in Teaching. Other students pursue a Master of Library Science.

What will I study?

Students must take a minimum of 9 credits in each of the following areas:

  • History, Philosophy, Art, and Music
  • English and Communication
  • Biblical and Religious Studies
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Social Sciences

Students must take a minimum of 6 upper-level credits (i.e., 300-level or above) in at least four of the five areas, with a total of at least 30 credits being upper level. A full listing of courses can be found in our Academic Catalog.

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