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Christian Ministries

Christian Ministries

Christian Ministries Degree

Where can this degree take me?

The Christian Ministries major will deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills to serve God more effectively — whether you serve on a professional or volunteer basis. We offer emphases in pastoral leadership, counseling, and nonprofit administration to help you specialize in one or more areas of interest.

  • Qualify to be a pastor (senior, associate, pastoral care, youth, children’s), church administrator, church counselor, or nonprofit manager.
  • Gain a strong biblical and theological foundation that will help you respond to a complex and challenging world.
  • Strengthen your relationship with God and cultivate your character.
  • Upon completion, enroll in a variety of master’s programs, such as a Master of Divinity or a Master of Arts in Ministry.

What will I study?

Students pursuing a degree in Christian Ministries need to complete core credits, as well as courses in one of three chosen emphases:

  • Biblical and Theological Studies - 27 hours

    BI 210 Biblical Interpretation 3 hours
    BI 275 Teaching the Bible 3 hours
    BRS/HI 340 History of Christianity 3 hours
    BRS 231 Christian Doctrine 3 hours
    Choose five of the following courses, with at least two courses from Old Testament and two courses from New Testament:
    Old Testament
    BI 302 Pentateuch 3 hours
    BI 304 Old Testament Prophetic Books 3 hours
    BI 306 Old Testament Poetic Books 3 hours
    BI 308 Old Testament Historical Books 3 hours
    New Testament
    BI 312 Life of Christ 3 hours
    BI 335 Theology of the General Epistles 3 hours
    BI 336 Theology of the Pauline Epistles 3 hours
    BI 430 The Book of Acts 3 hours


  • Christian Ministries - 27 hours

    CM 181 Spiritual Formation 3 hours
    CM 210 Ministry in Its Cultural Context 3 hours
    CM 321 Theology and Practice of Evangelism 3 hours
    PSY/CM 375 Foundations of Christian Counseling 3 hours
    CM 446 Reflective Internship in Christian Ministries† 3 hours
    An additional 12 hours in this area come from within your chosen emphasis (see below).
  • General Education - 33 hours

    (Varies) Biblical Studies / Theology / Lifelong Learning 9 hours
    (Varies) College Writing 6 hours
    (Varies) Humanities 6 hours
    (Varies) Math or Computer Science 3 hours
    (Varies) Science 3 hours
    (Varies) Social Science 6 hours

    These requirements may be met by taking TIU courses (traditional face-to-face, accelerated face-to-face, modular, hybrid, and/or online), though transfer credit, credit for prior college-level learning, or credit by examination. No one course can satisfy two General Education requirements. No more than 9 credits can simultaneously count for both General Education and any major.



Students will choose one of the three emphases below in which to take courses that will supplement the core courses that are part of their degree.

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