Jimmy Silva, A Double Blessing

Sergeant First Class Jimmy Silva just reached his twenty-year mark in the U.S. Army. With several medals and ribbons testifying to his service, SFC Silva has had many opportunities to lead others during this time; nevertheless, he hit a wall. If he was going to advance in his career, he needed to further his education.

For some time, Jimmy has wanted to earn a college degree, but the circumstances of life provided too many obstacles—until he was recently transferred to the Chicago area. It was then that a friend from his home church back in Brooklyn told him about Trinity International University.

Given his past experiences, the one path that jumped out at Jimmy was the BA in Organizational Leadership. “It fits perfectly with what I do, and getting the education I seek with a Christian perspective is a double blessing,” says Jimmy. And with both of his children in college, he looks forward to telling them that “Dad is going back to school to finish what he has wanted to do since the time they were little.”

Like many in the military, Jimmy has high expectations for himself. He admits to being his own worst critic. Add to that the fact that he hasn’t been in a classroom in more than twenty years. But when he went through the application process for Trinity, which included a practice exam, he did better than he expected. “That small experience gave me a feeling of ‘Yes, I can do this!’” Jimmy says.

Jimmy believes this open door of continuing his education will create the pathway to his success. “God has no limits to place us in positions for his glory; we just need to prepare ourselves so that we can be used accordingly.”